“Those who have knowledge don’t predict. Those who predict don’t have knowledge.” Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher, 6th century BC


Wednesday 9 November 2016

9 Nov 2016 - EOD, END

The markets have rallied from the doom and gloom of a TRUMP victory.  This has forced a negative divergence to occur at least in the Dow Jones and while ther is no guarantee of a reversal lower, signals should be watched for a bearish entry on a daily time frame.  If signals stay above bullish territory and or possibly OB, the negative divergence will be negated through time.  So watch vigilantly for any longer time frame bar for a reversal and you will get your answer since the divergence is in a weekly level .  As strong as the markets look right now, stresses are evident if you know where to look.  Keep your indicators simple and the analysis will be simple as well.

SEN: BULLISH (Down Trending)
R: NA (Possible Weekly Reset would prolong bull market)

Harmonic lines providing the support / resistance again.. Just replicate frequencies.

 New highs for Dow, could mean new highs for SPX and NASDAQ.  Futures EW pattern will be different look that shows last nights panic move lower.

 Personal Long-Term views in EW and Fib. levels.  Notice large divergence on MACD and still open to lower possibilities until month end.

Markets remain Bullish but is down-trending. Again watch the MACD which has poked under bearish pretences.  Just look back in time for everytime this signal has set its head underwater.

NOTE: This is my last post.  Anyone and everyone who have followed me can see the track record the analysis on this blog has had.  All you need to do is look back from past posts and charts for the indicators of the SEN, ST, PA, and R signals, and its the only proof you need to see that these system works.  I keep it simple and the system very easy to understand.  If you are interested to know these not complicated, easy and fast learning system, I am offering the whole package for $4000 USD.  I will put together a write-up within the week of order and will send it through email that is provided here and will also provide support to those who have made payment.

Please send your inquiries to 8188014@gmail.com and I can provide a PayPal payment account.  There are no refunds as the information provided cannot be undone, so please consider very carefully before you commit.  If you are still in doubt, please just check through the posts.  I will teach you to figure out the acceleration risk to a stock.. "Any Stock, Index, Currency, Commodity, Etc.".  This knowledge alone is a game changer.  I will also show how to find a RESET point where a low risk entry can be had whether you are short or long.  I will explain my thought process and objective in using certain rules and techniques. Lastly, I will also provide a BULL / BEAR market signal which you can see at the upper right hand corner under SENTIMENT.  I do not delete past triggers to be as transparent as I can be to my readers.  Many thanks for the followers and readers.  Good Luck.


Tuesday 8 November 2016

8 Nov 2016 - EOD

SEN: Bullish (Down-Trending)

With election here, indicators are not as effective over news, and while that is the fact we can look for clues to who could win this election.  As the rally from yesterdays open continued today, Hillary seems to be the likely winner, but prices have hit a roof of resistance.  So is this the end of day trap?  A reset is also possible for a downside bias tomorrow if the intra-day which is oversold exits its range.  I am holding out for a Trump victory with a move away from international war unless that is what the general population wants and votes Hillary.  Wall Street likes it that way.. Crooked.

Monday 7 November 2016

7 Nov 2016 - EOD

SEN: Bullish (Down-Trending)

Intra-rally still bearish.. Volatility skews sentiments, and should let market indicators catch up.  If one must stay in the market then intra-day suggest upward bias.  However the end of tomorrow could show the bias of winner to be.

Thursday 3 November 2016

Wednesday 2 November 2016

Tuesday 1 November 2016

1 Nov 2016 - EOD

SEN: BULLISH (Down-Trending)

200 Day MA is at 2080 SPX.  This is now the updated short term target..

Monday 31 October 2016